EPI-Electrical Enclosures was founded over fifty years ago in 1967. It began as a Job-Shop that produced everything from barbecue pits to steel building components. It also fabricated some computer peripheries and electrical junction boxes. Then, its customer base was an array of OEMs, contractors, and wholesalers. Plus, its marketplace was local and surrounding communities.

In 1974, ownership and management changed along with a new name for business: EPI-Electrical Enclosures. The new firm focused on branding its name to the electrical industry and more specifically electrical distributors. Also the development of our first NEMA enclosures and wireway groups was launched. As a result, our market area increased as we successfully began sales with local and regional electrical distributors.

By 1985, we had succeeded in developing all of the different NEMA electrical enclosures and wireway groups: NEMA 1,3,4,12 and 4x. The addition of industrial product groups has provided us with continued growth and development. In the early 1990’s we enhanced our product offerings for secondary bussed switch-gear.

By this period, we offered bussed wireway, bussed tap boxes, bussed weatherheads and other buss configurations required by different utilities from throughout our state. Our engineering team is widely sought after by many private engineers to provide design, engineering and specifications confirmations. To this end, in 2014, we added “Engineering” to our firm’s name branding efforts.

To date, we offer a complete array of industry product applications for the commercial, contractor, industrial, utility, institutional, telecom, medical and R&D industries. Additionally, our internet presence has allowed us to develop a national marketplace that will continue to provide a growth into the future.

Perhaps, one of the most important part of our history, is the fact that most of our distributors have been buying from us for as long as we have been in business such as City Electric Supply, Consolidated Electric Distributors, Crawford Electric Supply, Dealers Electric Supply, Elliott Electric Supply, Graybar Electric Supply, Hill Country Supply, Reynolds Electric Supply, and Westinghouse Electric Supply.

To date, we have manufactured millions of products with hundreds of thousands of destinations state-wide, nationally and internationally. We thank all of our customers, vendors and other industry partners for providing us with our past, current and future business.

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