What Type of Stainless Steel Do You Need?

What Type of Stainless Steel Do You Need?

According to NEMA 4X Standards, enclosures or wireway products, associated
accessories and fittings must be made from non-corrosive stainless steel to be used
in very corrosive environments. In most cases, a 304-2B Stainless Steel may
be used. The principal composition of this steel is Nickel, Aluminum, and Titanium.
Nickel is a superior corrosive resistant material, Aluminum adds to the resistance
and polish of the surface and Titanium provides the strength that this
steel is known for.

Therefore, applications of 304-2B are good for use in or around areas that have a
heavy concentration of moisture such as swimming pools, commercial kitchens, food
production and some petroleum-based refining. Outside of these parameters, the
use of a much more non-corrosive stainless steel would be a Type 316 2B Stainless

The Type 316-2B Stainless Steel has a larger percentage of Nickel, Chromium, and
less Titanium as the requirements for more resistance to corrosion is needed and
less strength is not critical. Therefore, excessive and continual corrosive particulant
in the environment are further precluded from damaging the surfaces of the
enclosures and wireways. Places like water plants, wastewater treatment plants,
offshore drilling platforms, coastal environments and some chemical-producing
plants are good locations for use.

As a result, when NEMA 4X product is requested, it will be quoted and supplied with
304-2B Stainless Steel unless specified otherwise. Please be sure to consult drawings
and engineers when bidding on projects with the above concerns. Also, check out
our technical library for more info. Thanks for your business and support.