Unique Electrical Projects

Unique Electrical Projects

Over the course of the past fifty years, we have had many challenges and
opportunities to demonstrate our engineering and plant production capabilities. As
such, we would like to share a few memorable and significant projects. The first
project is the Space Craft Endeavor for NASA. Working with the well-known
research facility Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) they
were tasked to develop the automated robotic telemetry for the spacecraft.

As such, a system of wireway and enclosures needed to be designed and
manufactured to sustain the multiple environments of space travel along with the
capabilities of sustaining varying levels of compression and tension. Although, this
may sound like a straightforward solution, the need to provide safe housing for the
conductors, terminals, and controllers for this guiding system
was of critical concern.

We at EPI are very proud to have been a part of this very illustrious national project
that sent a team of astronauts on an incredible state of the art spacecraft to travel into
outer space and to return safely home! We thank SWRI, NASA and our team of
engineers and plant personnel.