To Buss and How To Buss

To Buss and How To Buss

We are pleased to report that several market areas in Texas are doing very well in the commercial construction sector. The type of products most used for this, outside of NEMA 1 and NEMA 3 enclosures and wireways, are Secondary Bussed Enclosures and Secondary Bussed Wireway. These products are commonly referred to as

The product we would like to report on is the Secondary Bussed Wireway. This product is typically used in the commercial sector with the construction of malls,
strip centers, and other multi-tenant facilities. As such, the Secondary Bussed
Wireway provides the owner with a switchgear product that allows multiple electric meters to function at one location. Depending on the number and length of the building and spaces, it may be required to install multiple wireways.

The Secondary Bussed Wireway is typically energized by the utility company and then allows for the multiple distributions of main power through electrical meters to multiple tenants at the commercial center. The design of the product is typically
NEMA TYPE 3 that will allow for an outdoor installation. Construction is made up of a seam-free body, drip-shield top and removable covers in the front with handles and padlocking tongues.

Additionally, stair-step bracing at appropriate intervals is installed to receive mounting insulators that will support the correct size copper bussing. Both three and single phase bussed products are available. The orientation of bussing can be both top or bottom entry. Further, bus sizing is based on NEMA formula of one square
inch cross-section of copper is equal to 1,000amps.

The type of copper bussing used is CD110 which is the best for electrical
Applications. The bars are silver-plated to provide the best heat coefficient available. To secure the copper, a 600-volt phenolic insulator typically 3” in height is used. The insulator is bolted on to a full thread bolt that is welded to intermittent steel bracing attached to the rear of the wireway.

Many other conditions exist to complete the product such as covers with provisions for padlocking, intermediate supports and prime and finish painting of the wireway.
We believe we engineer and manufacture the best and safest products to be a part
of the electrical distribution system of power.