Texas History – The Battle of La Medina

Texas History – The Battle of La Medina

Did you know that the bloodiest Texas battle with the most losses of Texas lives was the Battle of La Medina fought south of San Antonio, Texas? In April of 1813, after several months of revolutionary battles and skirmishes with the Spanish royalist forces, the Tejanos of Texas along with American mercenaries and local Indians secured Texas’ independence from New Spain and established a first constitution and government.

However, the newly formed independent Texas was short-lived as a large royalist Army was sent to take back its province. The forces were led by General Arredondo with over eighteen hundred regular troops, cavalry, and artillery. Over eight hundred Tejanos with a mix of two hundred American insurgents and Indians were led by General Jose Alvarez de Toledo. The battle was fought fifteen miles south of San Antonio close to the Medina River.

The battle was a running engagement that lasted for four hours resulting in the death of almost all Tejanos and supporting forces. Almost one thousand Tejanos lay dead on the field of battle with another 300 pursued into San Antonio and beyond. Although Tejanos lost the battle, it contributed to the final overthrow of Spanish Imperial control and the creation of the independent Republic of Mexico. For more information go to the Handbook of Texas Online.

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