See EPI’s Earth Station

See EPI’s Earth Station

On December 7, 2018, Hill Country Electric, San Antonio will have their annual “Breakfast for Champions”. Over two hundred representatives from the electrical, utility, institutional, OEM’s, data-com and medical industries will be in attendance for this yearly good-will event and exposition of thirty to forty manufacture vendors.

EPI-Electrical Enclosures & Engineering was invited to exhibit their world-class “Earth Station” exhibit for the benefit of all attending guest. Our exhibit is a one of kind exhibit that covers an area of roughly 12’x12′ and features some of our very large free-standing NEMA Type 12 & 4X Enclosures. These electric cabinets then act as columns which support over-head NEMA 1 electrical wireway which becomes cantilevered.

Integrated with these cabinets are tables that display smaller 3R, 4, 4X and 12 electrical enclosures along with printed matter. The Earth Station is a virtual “tour de force” with its stunning products, scale, and engineering. The exhibit provides a unique way for attendees to learn about our industrial products, our industry and how EPI has been innovating for over 50 years. We will have our sales team and Head of Engineering there to help with any projects or questions you might have.