NEMA 3R Secondary Bussed Wireway



EPI Secondary Bus Wireway is designed to allow the distribution of large amounts of low voltage power. Ampacity ranges from 400 to 4000 amperes at 600 volts and below, single or three-phase service. These Buss Wireways are typically used for multi-meter service.


Made from 12-gauge corrosion-resistant steel, primed with gray-oxide and enamel painted inside and out with ASA-70, Light-Dove Gray. A drip shield top and smooth seam-free sides, front and back prevent rain, snow, or sleet from entering the enclosure. Single and double door construction. Doors are equipped with handles for lifting and padlocking provisions(Covers not to exceed 72”). Additional internal secondary body supports are installed to prevent the wireway from warping when covers are removed. Buss is stair-stepped and is arranged for entry on top or bottom. Buss wireway can be coupled together for longer lengths. Splice bars can be provided.

Buss Bars

C110 Silver Plated Copper is used and buss bars are sized according to one square inch of copper bus per 1000 Amps per N.E.C. article 374, 374-6. Buss bars are insulated with 3” 600-volt standoff insulators. Bars are punched with 9/16” holes at 1 3⁄4” each way to accommodate lugs. All Buss Bar ends are punched with 9/16” holes to receive splice bars.


The standard finish is Sherwin Williams ANSI-70, light-dove gray enamel, inside and out.

Industry Standard

Meets National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard for Type 3R (Rainproof and Sleet-Ice Resistant) enclosures.

Engineering Note

All bussed secondary products require custom engineering drawings for approval. Ask your salesperson for a cost on the drawings

Standard Sizes

Width Height Depth Gauge
31 16 72 12
31 16 96 12
31 16 120 12