NEMA 3R Hinged Double Door Enclosure



EPI NEMA Type 3R, Hinged Double Door Enclosures are used to protect wiring in outdoor installations. Designed to protect the enclosed equipment against rain and sleet may also be used indoors where dripping water is a problem.


Made from 16, 14, or 12-gauge steel. A drip-shield top and smooth seam-free sides front and back prevent rain, snow, or sleet from entering the enclosure. A 3-point latching mechanism, operated by an oil-tight locking handle, holds the doors securely closed. The continuous stainless steel hinge covers are securely fastened with welds along the opposite side. No gasket is provided. Knockouts are not available.


Panels must be ordered separately. Regular panels, side panels, and panel supports are available.


The standard finish is G-90 galvanized steel. A Sherwin Williams ANSI-70 light-dove gray enamel finish inside and out is also available.

Industry Standard

Meets National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard for Type 3R (Rainproof and Sleet-Ice Resistant) enclosures.

Standard Sizes

Width Height Depth Gauge
36 30 12 14
36 36 12 14
42 36 12 14
48 30 12 14
48 36 12 14
35 30 16 14
42 30 16 14
42 36 12 14