NEMA 3R Austin Collection Box



The Austin Collection Box is framed with a 1 ” x 1 ” angle iron. All seams are continuously welded. Exterior walls are made of 12ga Sheet Steel. Bracing is made of 12ga steel and is rated for 100,000 AIC to receive Phase and Neutral Bars on a minimum of 3“ 600V insulators. The enclosures are primed and painted both inside and out with Sherwin Williams ANSI- 70 Light-Dove Grey.

A ” GPO-3 red insulating material is used to provide protection.

Buss Bars

CD 110 Silver Plated Copper is used on all Phase bars, Neutral and Ground bars where applicable. Bars are continuously punched with 9/16 ”holes at 1 3⁄4” each way.

NOTE: Minimum 10 lug spaces provided on the customer side.


Phase and Neutral Bars are sized to N.E.C. article 374,374-6 according to the following formula: One square inch of copper cross-section equals 1,000 amps per phase. The Neutral phase is supplied “Full” not half.

Industry Standard

Meets NEMA standard for Type 3R (Rainproof and sleet-ice resistant) enclosures. Approved by Austin Energy.

Engineering Note

All bussed secondary products require custom engineering drawings for approval. Ask your salesperson for a cost on the drawings

Standard Sizes

Width Height Depth Gauge
48 36 44 12