It’s Hunting Season

It’s Hunting Season

It’s the beginning of hunting season in Texas! It all starts with the opening of dove season. So, get your license in August and get ready to head out to the field with friends and family. Hunting for birds officially starts every year near Labor Day weekend. For a nominal fee, Texas residents can purchase a bird license or combination for deer hunting later in the year.

Texas offers several species of doves that hunters may harvest: mourning doves, white-wing doves, and euro-Asian doves. Hunters should consult the Texas Wildlife and Game Department for the number and species you can harvest. In some counties, a bag limit of 15 birds in possession per day is permitted. There are rules as to the different species and count you can harvest. Make sure you consult what is available in the county you will be hunting in.

So, get out and enjoy the great Texas outdoors and be safe!