Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! We’re back from the holidays and are ready to serve our customers. We are also very excited about our 52nd year in business and proud to be of service to our industry all this time. “We are very thankful to all our customers, vendors and other partners who have contributed to our success”, says Rudi Rodriguez, CEO.

As we begin the year, we have made several investments and efforts to improve our services to our customers: we have made realignments to our production and scheduling department to increase availability and delivery certainty of our product orders, we have introduced a new digital inventory tracking system that will allow website review of current NEMA 1 and NEMA 3 product inventory on hand (later we will add other NEMA groups). Because of the above efforts, we were able to enhance our product costing system to allow our sales/quoting representatives to respond in a quicker and more competitive manner.

Also, we have worked towards enhancing our digital communications with our partners through our social media outlets. Our Facebook account now features the movements of our representatives as they traverse our market area. They will attempt to help identify our distributors, contractors, and engineers that make up the many women and men serving our industry. We will also feature unique projects and end users utilizing products that are being created and offered at this time.

“Once again, we hope these new improvements will provide our customer base with better and new tools to successfully compete in the marketplace”, says Rudi Rodriguez, CEO. “We look forward to the future with optimism as the marketplace continues to improve and our industry continues to grow,” says Rodriguez.