Fiesta in San Anonio

Fiesta in San Anonio

For over 100 years, San Antonio has been conducting a “Fiesta” to Celebrate and commemorate the victory of the Battle of San Jacinto and Texas’s 1836 Independence. Every year the Fiesta Commission plans a two-week run of a combination of over one hundred parades, concerts, parties and a one-week run of a “Night in Old San Antonio”.

These events also help to single out the rich diversity of our heritage and culture. From Alsatian to Belgian, German to Tejano, Polish to Scottish and Wendish. The events feature ethnic performances, food, and beverages of all types. Of course, the wonderful “Night Parade,” “River Parade,” and “Battle of Flowers” day parades are events not to be missed.

Come and join us for these exciting events and “Viva Fiesta”!