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Site Visit at Northeast Bible Church

When contractors need help designing or planning a special electrical entry, EPI’s engineering team can make site visits to help find the best solution. Last week, our engineers went out to Northeast Bible Church, where IES is bringing power to a new building. We were able to propose a bussed secondary product to provide safe,

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10,000 Amp Pad Mount Bussed Tapbox

EPI-Electrical Enclosures & Engineering has had many first and largest of electrical enclosures engineered, manufactured, and deployed on earth, in outer space, and in the depth of oceans. In this vein, in the month of January 2021, our engineering department received orders to design and develop the first 10,000-amp NEMA 3R Bussed Secondary Padmounted Enclosure

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10,000 Amp Pad Mount Bussed Secondary Tapbox

EPI Electrical Enclosures & Engineering is the leader when it comes to bussed secondary products. We’re finishing up the largest tapbox ever built in the CPS service area! This larger-than-life 10,000 Amp Pad-Mounted Bussed Secondary Tapbox is 102″ wide, 96″ tall, and 48″ deep. The copper buss bars are 1″x10″x86″ and weigh several hundred pounds

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