Our engineering department provides us with current NEMA standard design and product specifications for the continued requirements of product group manufacturing. It also provides us with the prompt delivery of product engineering drawings and specifications on a project to project basis. Our team also provides on-site evaluations and assessments for correct product applications. Lastly, they provide in-house and on-site continuing education classes on NEMA standards and product knowledge. Our team is led by a senior engineer with years of experience in product design and development.

Over the past fifty years, our engineering department has been responsible for over 5,000 projects ranging from our standard size NEMA 1 and 3 product groups to product shapes that resemble individual alphabet characters. Our industrial group of NEMA 12, 4 and 4X enclosures have challenged our design team to develop very small and large cabinetry with unique applications such as the SpaceCraft Endeavor for NASA, Seawolf II for the Navy and the World’s Largest Robot for USAF.

Further, our bussed secondary products have allowed our engineering department to participate in the design and development of utility-based switch-gear from mid-size ampacities for malls to very large ones like the current project we have for a ten thousand-amp entry for a mixed-use tower in Illinois. We believe we have designed and developed close to 500,000 amps of bussed secondary enclosures and wireway.

Lastly, we have been very fortunate to work very closely with hundreds of private engineers, Corp of Engineers, other government engineers and utility engineers on the many projects that have come our way. This association has provided us with an enhanced professional development that has served us well to contribute to a better and safe energy system throughout our communities. To ask about having a training session or class, contact us at (210) 673-3580.