Special Orders

For over 40 years EPI's design team has worked with its customers to design and build enclosures to the most exacting standards for use in the most demanding environments. Both the NASA Space Shuttle and The US Navy's Sea Wolf II submarine carry enclosures designed and built by EPI.

NASA Space Shuttle

In 2000 NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavor had its maiden voyage to outer space. This is one in a series of shuttles NASA has launched and is truly an extraordinary engineering accomplishment for American engineers. As such, we were pleased to have manufactured some of the programmable control cabinetry for the telemetry that was incorporated into the Endeavor.

Sea Wolf II

In 2004, the US Congress appropriated over 22 billion dollars for the Department of the Navy to develop the latest in nuclear powered attack subs. Although the Navy already had Seawolf I Class Submarine, it needed to explore the reality of a totally robotic un-manned submarine for future warfare. Once again, EPI was able to participate and provide telemetry cabinetry for this project.

World's Largest Robot

In 1999, the worlds largest robot was designed and developed for the department of the Airforce. A proto-type and later five units for the Department of the Airforce were constructed. These robots were designed to take man out harms way as they allowed the degreasing and cleaning of aircraft in a very explosive environment. All of the major electrical, motor-server and computer cabinetry were manufactured by EPI.


Many unique and important industrial/institutional applications are put into play every year. Some of these are in utility plants, hospitals, manufacturing and infrastructure. Over forty years EPI has provided tens of thousands of applications in all these arenas.

Secondary Bussed Switch Gear

One of our many strong suites of design and manufacturing includes Secondary Bussed Switch gear. Having worked with hundreds of electrical engineers and utility firms from across the country, provides us with a strong background in the design and development of Secondary Buss Switch Gear.