About Us

EPI-Electrical Enclosures was founded in 1967. We are the largest Texas based manufacturers of Electrical Enclosures and Wireway. From the Panhandle to Brownsville, and El Paso to Beaumont we have played a major role in Texas, as well as the surrounding states.

For over forty years, EPI has designed and produced standard NEMA Enclosures and Wireway for the OEM, commercial construction, industrial, utility, telcom and MRO markets.

Today, EPI provides Distributors and Wholesalers with standard and non-standard steel Enclosures and Wireway.

Perhaps the most important part of our history, is the fact that most of our distributors have been buying our Enclosures for as long as we have been in business: BLOND AND CRAWFORD, BUSH, CED, DEALERS, ELLIOTT, GESCO, GRAYBAR, HILL COUNTRY ELECTRIC, MIDCOAST, NUNN, THE REYNOLDS COMPANY, REXEL, SUMMERS, SUMMIT, WESCO, WHOLESALE and other leading suppliers.

Our goal continues to be delivery of quality products and services on time, all the time.

Rudi Rodriguez