Nema Type 12 Single Door, Free Standing Dual Access Enclosure

Nema Type 12 Single Door, Free Standing Dual Access Enclosure


EPI NEMA Type 12 Single Door, Free-Standing Dual Access Enclosures are designed to house electrical controls, terminals, and instruments. They provide protection from dust, oil and water. These Enclosures are used when relay racks with equipment mounted requires access from the rear. Enclosures are extra deep for applications where added interior space is needed.


Made from 14, 12, or 10 gauge steel. All seams are continuously welded. There are no holes or knockouts. The neoprene door gasket is attached with oil resistant adhesive. Enclosures are provided with single doors both front and rear giving them a dual access feature. A T-handle mechanism can be provided with keylocking or padlocking features. A 3-point latching device holds the doors securely closed. Heavy gauge continuous hinges support each door. Two door enclosures may be provided with stiffeners welded to the back to maintain flatness and increase rigidity. Mounting brackets are provided for optional panels and rack mounting angles, otherwise not installed.


The standard finish is ANSI-70, light dove gray inside and out. Panels are same.


Panels must be ordered separately as they are not provided with the enclosures. Regular panels, side panels, and panel supports are available. Floor stand kits are available for factory installation on enclosures. Drip shield kits protect the door and the door hardware from dripping water and settling dust.


Conforms to the National Electrical Manufacturers As-sociation (NEMA) standard for Type 12 (Industrial Use) enclosures. UL50

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