NEMA 3r CPS Screw Cover Pedestal

NEMA 3r CPS Screw Cover Pedestal


EPI NEMA Type 3r Cover Pedestals are designed to protect wiring in outdoor installations. Designed to be used for underground cable entry for meter and outlet installations


Made from 14 gauge steel. A drip shield, top and smooth seam-free sides, front and back, prevent falling rain, snow, or sleet from entering the enclosure. A slip-on removable is provided for the upper half of the pedestal. The upper cover includes pad-locking provisions. The bottom of the pedestal is open and is equipped with a 12 gauge galvanized 12 inch sleeve.


The standard finish is ANSI-70 light dove gray enamel finish inside and out.


These screw cover enclosures conform to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard for Type 3r (Rainproof and Sleet-Ice Resistant) enclosures. City of San Antonio C.P.S.B. Specifications.

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